Friday, 18 September 2020

Fake facts

For this reading activity we had to describe misinformation, malinformation and disinformation in my own words.


Aroha, heart filled with love but mind clouded with grief...

Aroha was a free-spirited girl
Full of warmth and sunshine
She enjoyed exploring the forest grounds
Except the times she fell on her behind

Aroha was a thinker
A strategist no doubt
But as she watched her friends return to their parents
A thought made her pout

For Aroha had no parents
And it never failed to spoil her day
When this happened, she often roamed around
She'd run, and jump and tumble and fall down
All to get away from this feeling, somehow

Though a voice echoed softly somewhere
"Don't worry you're burden isn't all for you to bear"
She refused to let the thought prevail
And held her head up
Instead she breathed in deeply
And let herself exhale

Aroha attempted to share her thoughts
Her strengths, weaknesses and feelings
It made her feel proud
and somewhat lighter
And she knew whenever she felt down
Her friends would be there to make her days brighter


Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Brain diseases


My reading group has been studying about Brain diseases. Here are examples of the brain diseases we've been researching.

Mophead - Diary entry


 This is a piece of writing in the form of a diary based on a book called Mophead by Selina Tusitala Marsh

Mophead: How Your Difference Makes a Difference by Selina Tusitala Marsh-  Auckland University Press

My diary entry:

My gosh, I hate the kids at my school. I want to ask my parents if I could move schools but they'll ask why. I don't want them to get involved with all the bullying happening outside of home. It's annoying...

Oh no, mum said the principal had called her to say that we had to go back to school and have a Restorative Justice meeting, whatever that means...

We were the first to arrive. A few minutes of waiting later my bully (the one whose patronized me the most and the longest and says the meanest retorts) comes in with her parents and sits across from us. My bully and I made eye contact, and just when I thought someone was about to speak, the principal opened her office door, welcomed both families, thanked us for coming to the meeting, and invited us inside her office. It was pretty cramped and the cold, dense atmosphere made me feel like a person diagnosed with claustrophobia. Then the Restoration Meeting began...

My parents and I have jut come back from the extremely long meeting. When I first heard about the meeting I had thought my bully (Regina George) had made up another lie so that the principal could tell my parents about it, but, no. I later found out we were there to discuss the bullying that's been going on. We talked and I shared about my experiences I've had with the countless bullying. The pair on the other side of the room apologized on behalf of her daughter, and then she apologized. I accepted their apology, but didn't forgive them. I don't think I'm ready to forgive Regina and the rest of her followers yet. Until next time, dear diary...

Monday, 24 August 2020

The Deforestation Feedback Loop


Trees and other plants help clean the atmosphere. They ‘breathe’ in carbon dioxide and ‘breathe out’ oxygen. As parts of our world become hotter and drier, trees and plants get less of the water they need to survive. Our forests are shrinking and even dying, this is mainly happening to our rain forests. A hotter planet also means more trees burning in forest fires. The loss of forests on a large scale is called deforestation. Fewer trees on the planet means less carbon dioxide absorbed from the atmosphere and rotting and dying trees that are unable to clean the air. This results in a lot more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere means a warmer Earth. More warming means more deforestation.

The Permafrost Feedback Loop

Cold parts of the Earth such as the Arctic aren’t always covered in ice and snow, but they are cold enough to have ice all year round. This is called the Permafrost. Permafrost holds all of the unusual things that soil contains, including the remains of dead animals. Part of these animals are huge, like the frozen mammoths which were found in Russia. These ancient creatures have been preserved in the permafrost for over four thousand years. Because the Earth is warming, the permafrost is starting to melt. The animals preserved in the permafrost also thaw up as this happens. Their remains are broken down by sunlight and bacteria, a process that produces carbon dioxide and methane. This increase in greenhouse gasses which warms the Earth even further, causing more permafrost to thaw. More thawing permafrost leads to more thawing remains and more carbon dioxide and methane being released.

The Ice Albedo Feedback Loop

The coldest parts of our planet are covered in ice all year. Because ice is a light colour, it reflects the sun’s heat energy back into space, which helps keep the Earth cooler. But when the temperature rises, the ice starts to melt, exposing water or land underneath. The surfaces colour is darker than ice, causing it to absorb heat instead of reflecting it, making the Earth hotter rather than cooler. The amount of light a surface reflects is called its albedo. As Earth’s temperature continues to rise, more ice melts. With less ice to reflect the sun’s heat, while surfaces and sea absorb it, Earth’s temperature continues to warm it even further. Scientists say by 2040, the North Pole could be completely ice-free each summer. This feedback loop operates more slowly at the South Pole because there is more ice over Antarctica.