Saturday, 11 January 2020

I'm going to miss being busy with the Summer Learning Journey...

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Friday, 10 January 2020

You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you - Mary Tyler Moore

I remembered I haven't done the Week 1, Day 2, Activity 3, the Hudson Miracle. I have to speak of a time when I (or someone I know) has done something brave.

My friend stayed up late because he was watching movies. Eventually, he got tired and he had to walk up the stairs to his room. He was scared of the dark, so it took him time to think about sleeping where he was or if he was to go up the stairs (with no light) to his bedroom and his comfortable bed. He chose to walk up the stairs and over came his fear of the dark... The End!!

Note by the publisher:
I know this isn't much, and I'm sorry. I promise to be more descriptive in my next SLJ post. Though I think he was really scared... Of the dark.... I asked him if I could use this as an example for my Summer Learning Journey activity and he agreed. Have a lovely holiday everyone :)

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En Pointe

What does it mean to me?
Treasure every moment of your life. You will never get back that exact moment... When you sleep, laugh, get mad, cry, get confused, eat, get taught a lesson, travel, treasure them all!! :)  Never forget who you are and be proud of yourself. Be better than what you were before, but don't get a big head about it.

The World of Hip Hop!!

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Top Secret Street Art!!

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Try your own Tapa :)

The curves on the outline of the picture reminds me of the sea in Samoa. The flower and the slightly curved diamonds reminds me of the beautiful plants, flowers and flourishing trees in Samoa as well. The little triangles at every point of each diamond reminds me of the small islands that persist in Samoa.
The drawing on the left is my original version of the picture on the right.

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Fashion Forward!!

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